The Witch’s Pyramid


Originally written in my journal on Jan. 12, 2012, when I was just a few months along on this path:

Beginning at “To Know,” this is a charge to learn, to understand why you live the way you do, and why you believe the things you do. Many people are going to question my path and I need to be knowledgeable of it. Only a fool follows blindly. And this is a path that treasures knowledge as the seed of power. Once you know, you can dare to follow. What “To Dare” means to me is making a conscious decision to apply what you know to your life. In my own life I feel like I’ve reached this stage, but it takes courage to dare. It takes guts, and a drive to live as a witch. No more passive attitude that lets the days pass by. It’s time to grasp each moment and treasure it. If it’s a bad moment, question the lessons to be learned. If it’s a happy and positive experience, dare to have an attitude of thanksgiving towards the God and Goddess.Thank them continually for the blessings in your life. Even in those bad moments, be thankful for the lessons you’ve learned. Once you dare to live your life as a witch, you can begin “to will” for change. You begin to see the world in a different light and you begin to will this new found power towards making a better life for yourself and those around you. Walking as a witch, you feel the connection with the universe and your will begins to align with the energies around you. I believe that our will is a gift and that to will harm on any other creature is to defile not only that gift, but also the Source that bestowed it. When we connect with the universe the seed of energy planted within us begins to grow and develop, as does our divine will. As we feed our energies back into the world we create a cycle of giving and receiving that creates change. This is magick. Will is energy. And in doing magick, it is essential that we remain silent. I feel this is so because our conscious mind directly speaks through our mouths. When we speak, our words carry vibrations that have a direct effect on the environment around us. Our conscious minds are not able to fully grasp the energies of magick, as we are usually focused on the mundane. It is when we silence our conscious mind and begin to listen with our spirit that we begin to attune with those energies. As a witch, learning to listen with your spirit allows you “to go,” and to ascend to a higher level of living. A life of power, of love and light, and to achieve a perfect balance with the universe. Ultimately this leads to the perfection of ourselves within the Source, and through many lifetimes, becoming one with the All. And until that perfection is attained, the spiral continues…