Autumn Reflection

As September has rolled into October, the darkness continues to grow leading up to Samhain. Each year as the wheel turns to this season, I’m learning to not be so afraid of the dark anymore, but to embrace the deep lessons that lie within. The green leaves change to red, yellow, and orange, a sign that winter is right around the corner. A lesson in letting go of the old, and holding on to those things that help us survive through the cold dark winter. There’s nothing to fear in the dark, except the shadows that we must face within ourselves. The darkness removes distractions, and forces me to face myself; nobody but me. This is where I thrive. I’ve always loved the darker months of the year, and the holidays that mark these special moments of transition and initiation. The excitement I feel within is evident by my need to decorate my home and to immerse myself in the spirit of the season. Samhain marks the final death; a sacrifice of the old, and an initiation into the dark womb of the Goddess. She is the great mother and the source of all life. It’s a return to the primal state, stripping away all that is rotted and dead, in preparation for a new birth. Nothing can remain but the pure essence within our core. Halloween is the witch’s holiday, instilling fear in those that do not understand, but giving joy and excitement to those who partake of this magical time of year. The carving of pumpkins, the soft glow of candles, the ghouls and skeletons we hang in our homes, all serve as reminders of the mystery and magic that is all around us. Even non-believers feel a sense of the supernatural when the cool breeze blows under the full moon. Halloween is a time when I truly feel myself, and as each passing year comes and goes, I’m left with a new understanding of who I am, and I’m reassured that magic is real.


Happy Samhain

Jack o' Lantern

Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Hallows Eve, Satan’s Holiday…

Everyone’s got a name for this special day and it’s personally one of my favorite holidays, mainly because I’m a huge horror fan and October is the only month of the year that I canĀ feel justified in my addiction to fear..LOL. But aside from all the monsters and candy, Halloween has always had such a magical quality to it for me, and now being a pagan I’m beginning to understand it better. It’s the fresh autumn air that sweeps in like a spirit coming to prepare the land for winter’s grasp. It’s that feeling of being in between; not here, not there yet. I can usually feel the Halloween energy beginning mid-late September when the decorations start to appear, haunted houses open their doors for screaming customers, and you start seeing orange everywhere in the grocery store. Although, there’s something about Halloween night specifically that holds a power that I’ve yet to understandĀ or explain, it’s so ancient and mysterious. I still feel like such a beginner on my pagan path, and I’m not too good at writing and performing rituals, so this Halloween I’m just keeping it simple. I’ve got a nice autumn dinner planned, a big orange pumpkin to carve, and lots of candles to light for a spooky evening. I wish everyone out there a Happy Samhain!