I’m still here!

I’ve all but given up on this blog, but I want to get back into writing again. It’s one of the few ways that I can truly express my thoughts and emotions, and even knowing this, I haven’t pursued it as much I’d like to. Maybe I’m just lazy, and writing takes work. It takes focus, and honesty, things that I need more of in my life but refuse to give any attention to. Writing exposes me and makes me feel vulnerable, but it’s such a liberating feeling that in the end builds my self-confidence and allows my bottled up emotions to be released. I’m going to allow myself to be inspired to write again, about anything that comes to mind, because I need to write. I need to share.


3 responses to “I’m still here!

  1. This is what I’ve had to do. When it’s my day off, I write something…sometimes I even know what I want to write before I start typing. *grins* Since my days off change from week to week, I don’t get to get used to a routine. That forces me to marshall my thoughts. Anyway, it’s an idea…that and the practice helps. Keep trying and keep up the good work…

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