New Tarot Deck

My new Tarot deck I ordered is coming in today! I’m really excited to open it up and meet my new cards. My journey into the world of Tarot began about 3 years ago, around the same time I started my general exploration of the occult, and this is the third deck I’ve purchased. From the moment I got my first deck, I formed a strong attachment to my cards and they began to take on a life of their own. Most of what I’ve read on Tarot mentions that you need to protect them and treat them with respect, almost treating them as individual entities. My personal experience with the cards has taught me that yes, they do require respect, regardless of whether you see them as simple cards or actual energetic forces. My personal belief is that the only energy that resides within the cards, if any, is the personal energy that I impart into them. I feel like anybody can read Tarot cards, as the archetypal themes are universal, but it takes an opening of the mind and spirit to be able to use the images to interpret their meanings. Even after the few years I’ve been using my cards, my understanding of them continues to change and evolve reflecting the personal changes I’ve experienced in my own life. It seems that the wisdom that lies within the cards is limitless, and by using different decks it adds to the meanings of each card depending on the style and imagery of the deck.


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