At the moment I’m feeling drawn back to my love of witchcraft and magic, after a brief time away. I think the coming and going of my attachment to magic is a good thing, keeping my interests fresh and helping me continue to gain new perspectives on everything. I’m of the belief that life swings in the rhythm of a great pendulum, constantly flowing with the tides. I also feel like my connection to magic is not something that is ever lost just because I stop actively seeking new knowledge and experiences. There are little things that happen almost everyday that remind me of the energy that flows around me, and serve as reminders that magic can work even at subconscious levels. It’s often difficult to know if my life is headed in the right direction, and it’s those leftover beliefs in predestination that force me to view my life through a cloudy lens. I control the destiny of my life starting at this very moment, and each decision I make causes me to move forward. I don’t like not having the road paved out in front of me, it’s scary and uncertain, but the possibilities are boundless. I can only follow my intuition and I won’t be steered wrong.


3 responses to “Rhythm

  1. over the last 40 years I went through times when I thought I was going in the opposite direction to magick, but actually I wasn’t. When I look back it was always there, and it was a matter of more fully accepting myself and it. But I needed to do whatever I had to at the time, to explore, because our idea of magick is usually too conditioned. But all that stuff that people said about “once you’re on the path, you can’t leave it”, I found that it was true, in a really good sense. You can try and take the magician out of the magick, but you can’t the magick out of the magician 🙂

    • I’m beginning to understand the truth in that statement more and more. It sucks you’re in the UK because I could use a mentor like you! You have such wisdom and understanding, I always appreciate your words.

      • thanks Owyl, I’m honoured 🙂

        I’ve taken an individual path, and locally to me there is almost no one that wants to know about that, so the vast majority of my interaction with people is via the internet (magically and spiritually). You know where I am 😉

        all the best


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