Moving Along

The world of magic is vast, scary, and overwhelming at times, but even in the moments of frustration when I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on, I can still marvel at the energy present all around. The seeming coincidences that are reminders that I’m still doing something right at least. In my mind I think of the purpose for all of this, and wonder why I even care. Why am I not content to accept the world the way it’s been presented to me? People around me continue on with their lives, completely oblivious to the unseen forces that affect us day after day, minute by minute. In my studies so far, it would seem that in the occult there are no innocent bystanders. Once you’re in, and you peek through the veil, there’s a call to interact and be a part of this universal force that lies lies in the unseen realm.
I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore books for a while, after being continuously disappointed by recycled Wicca books, but I’ve decided to not let those books stop me from exploring. I know there are books of true wisdom out there, that aren’t watered down new age nonsense. I love the symbolism and practices of witchcraft, but because Wicca has become the catch-all term for anybody remotely pagan who wants to practice magic, there appears to be limited resources on practicing a true path of the witch. I’ve tried and tried to be content with Wicca as a religion and a complete practice, but my intuition is guiding me beyond those boundaries. I love Wicca, and I think it’s a beautiful expression of our connection with nature, the cycle of the seasons, and our intimate connection to the Divine, yet why won’t my higher self allow me to settle?Β In my heart I feel like being a witch is a lot more than just drawing down the moon, doings spells for a new car or lover, or attempting to celebrate these supposedly “ancient” holidays that usually have no relevance or historical validity. I see a lot of blogs on here written by people who claim to be witches or magicians and their practice is so genuine, built from years of practical experience, not learned from some Wicca 101 book.
I’ll continue to seek and find my own path somehow, because I trust that the spirits around me will continue to guide my way, it’s just a matter of me having the wisdom to see the world as it is, not the way someone else tells me it is.


4 responses to “Moving Along

  1. Have you read any books by John &/or Caitlyn Matthews? They are very good.
    A Pagan/Witch finds out much on their own… my own path has always been solitary, & I have never been comfortable with the ‘Wicca’ label either.
    One thing i had to learn… patience! These things happen in their own time, and sometimes in surprising ways πŸ™‚
    Blessings be

    • Thank you! I’m starting to realize that a solitary path, truly means a SOLITARY path that we form on our own. I’m working on the patience thing πŸ˜‰

  2. Don’t worry, everybody has these moments πŸ™‚ after all, the need for something *more* is what put you on the path in the first place. It is frustrating. Perhaps you need to strip away all the extra and (as some of my friends would say) bring it back to Spirit, focusing on the energy you can feel and working out its ways and nature. Screw what the books tell you, make your own path πŸ˜‰ alternatively, if you want to read about different practices I suggest (if you haven’t already come across them) researching Gemma Gary’s work, Peter Paddon’s work, Heathen practices (as something refreshing) and taking a wander through the 5 star ratings on Amazon under the witchcraft section – just make sure you read the reviews to spot what’s just a rehash of old stuff and what isn’t! I have so much fun building myself a wishlist on Amazon, even though I never buy half the things. Though I’m sure you’ve already thought of these things πŸ™‚

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